Monday, 3 October 2011

I've been busy!

I haven't been blogging for quite some time, cuz I've been busy! seriously, BUSY. busy doing what u say? u know...

it's just my mommy, looking for my flee..(she tried to bribe me but no im not that low) 
I've tried to escape..

but failed.... obviously...

I surrender...

so that's why, I need to find myself a hiding place... like...

or here,

she found me in this basket...!!! I was SOOO ANGRY!!!

So I tried to disguise myself  as a woman...

but they still know it was me... (i didn't know how they found out it was me..i checked in the mirror earlier and i swear i was fooled by myself) so erm, that's okay...

anyway, I'd like to thank you guys who had commented on my previous post, "DOBOK IS SO ANNOYING" 

thanx to Hannah and Lucy, ArtemisiaFSS (nice to meet you, Fenris, Socks and Scylla too),  Fuzzy Tales(I'm sure I don't wanna be furiends with him),  Bellen (tell them I say hi), The Meezers or Billy (I'm sure he'll be more than please to be your fuurrriend! :) ), Jan's Funny Farm (no next time.. ), The Island Cats (yeah, that's a good idea, I'll jump on his tummy the next time he's here.), Kat (oh thank you.. ), ABBY, FURKIDSMUM(well, hello!) , dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur(whoa, sounds like that Eagle song- Hotel California..erm, thank you but no thanx.. hehe), Team Tabby (I HATE DOBOK..! u 2) & The Crew (sure)

thanx for following too!!!

a flower for new furrrrriends!
I'll come visit all of you, as soon as possible!