Tuesday, 20 September 2011

DOBOK is so annoying!

the black greyish furry thing is my uncle's son.
the other day he came to my house....

he is so annoying, 

he followed me around...
trying my best to hide here..

but he just can sense me, everywhere I go,

he looked for me everywhere

kept looking and...

he got good sense of smell I guess..




he jumped on my tummy while i was asleep...
while I was this sound asleep;

I can't keep my cool no more.

I had to follow my momma cat, Dippy out... and leave him alone in the house...


so he played alone in the house! 

but my sis, kinda sad to say goodbye to him when he wanted to go back to Kulim..

I say,


Thursday, 15 September 2011

last nite

Trying to find a new inspiration for a new post, but I can't because I spent last nite puking all over the house n my sis had to clean it up. poor her... (NOT)

it's her fault giving me this stupid snack anyway!!! didn't she know i love pro diet... 

ok, not the Yellow packet snack, that's for tiger... 

and a yellow cat, I'm not a cat, I'm human!

Ok bye2 I gotta go and daydream at my mommy's beautiful garden~~~

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


its ME , LOO!!!!

i LOVE to eat and sleep.
i don't believe im a cat.
i secretly think im a human bean. shhh
hehehe I mean, my mommie is human, my father is human... I'm kinda confuse tho, because my mama cat is as furry as me.. but... I love to eat.. this is my mama,

hanging out with my momma